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To hear insight from the writer and developer of this curriculum, we invite you to listen to this short seven-minute video from our good friend and mentor, Cheryl Swope.
The Simply Classical Curriculum offers a beautiful, classical Christian education designed for children with significant learning needs and is focused on helping children to advance academically, grow spiritually and develop socially.  Using a variety of intersensory modalities to teach and learn, this rich curriculum allows students to enjoy the journey of learning at an appropriate pace to aid in retention and mastery.  Our teachers are committed to educating the students’ minds in the context of the truth, hope and comfort of the Holy Scriptures.  Our curriculum levels are not organized by grade, but by ability level.  We will pilot Simply Providence this Fall with two primary levels: Level C and Level 2.
To view the curriculum materials and to learn where your child would place in the Simply Classical Curriculum, please administer the “Readiness Assessment” which can be accessed by visiting: Simply Classical Curriculum for Special Needs – Memoria Press.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail Simply Providence Co-Directors Danielle Thompson and Kathy Eiff at simplyprovidence@pcsrh.org.