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Uniform Policy

The goal of Providence Classical School’s dress code is that students present themselves in a clean and neat manner as a representation of our school. While we recognize the uniqueness of each student and seek to develop individuality, it is also important for each student to understand the concept of appropriate dress for particular situations. With a consistent uniform policy, we hope to place the emphasis on academics and the formation of Christ-like character.
We are excited to announce a few changes to our uniform policy for the 2023-2024 school year. While we will be retiring some French Toast uniform and Spirit Wear pieces, we will be replacing them with new items. We encourage you to read through the new uniform policy carefully (attached below), but here are the most noteworthy changes:
  • Dress uniform changes to K-2, 3-6, and 7-12 (each grade level is different)
  • Dress uniforms will be required on chapel days once each month
  • There will no longer be a charge for dress-down days

Please download and read each policy that pertains to your family carefully.
There are a number of changes, different per grade level, which are highlighted in each document.
Please reach out to for any questions.

Approved Hair Accessories

For All Grades

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Uniform Policy

Primary Dress Uniforms

3rd - 6th Grade
Uniform Policy

Grammar Dress Uniforms

7th - 12th Grade
Uniform Policy

Upper Dress Uniforms