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Primary School | Grammar School | Upper School

Primary School (K-2) – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Character Training

  • Systematic, thorough phonics program designed to produce early, fluent readers
  • Rich language experience using the best in children’s literature for each grade
  • Bible stories, Scripture and poetry memorization, and recitation
  • Spelling program based on phonics, word families, frequently misspelled words, and spelling rules
  • Arithmetic: basic fact memorization and the development of number sense
  • Recess or P.E. daily
  • Music and art appreciation
  • Maps, globes and stories of American history, nature study, and nature readers
  • Cursive training

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Grammar School (Grades 3-6) – Latin Grammar, Computation, and Advanced Reading

  • Very best in children’s literature and poetry
  • Comprehensive study of Latin grammar (beginning Latin provided for new students)
  • Science: astronomy, insects, birds, and trees
  • Mathematics: builds on basic math facts and emphasizes mastery of procedures and the development of critical thinking skills
  • Music and art appreciation
  • Classical Studies: Greek mythology, Roman history, and the Middle Ages
  • Bible stories and Scripture memorization
  • American/Modern Studies: states, capitals, world geography, and American history
  • Physical Education: games, fitness, and team sports

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Upper School (Grades 7+) – Reading, Writing, and Reasoning

  • A two-year course in Latin translation is followed by the study of Latin literature (12 Labors of Hercules, Jason and the Golden Fleece, Ulysses, and excerpts from Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Caesar’s Gallic Wars).
  • Two-year course in Biblical Greek
  • The best of English literature, vocabulary in context, advanced comprehension, and composition skills
  • Science: physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Two-year logic sequence
  • Classical Studies: study of the ancient world and reading of classics in translation (Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, Greek drama, Tacitus, and Cicero).
  • American/Modern Studies: world geography, American history, and European history
  • Christian Studies: church history and apologetics
  • Mathematics: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus
  • SAT prep

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